Weekends Were Made for Cheating

Weekends Were Made for Cheating

I know my prior blog was all about making wonderful healthy choices for myself but there's no way I would survive without my cheat weekends, because that's what weekends were made for...cheating! And, oh man was it worth it, haha. Giray had been talking about this little place called Youz Guys that supposedly made THE BEST Philly Cheese steaks in the whole wide world! Okay, maybe just Texas or anywhere outside of Philly. Anyway, it was about 30 min. from where we live (close to Randolph Brooks Air force Base)but we thought, what the hay, let's go try these Youz Guys already. The minute we got there we knew we were about to indulge in awesomeness. The place is small and covered in photos of the Youz Guys main GUY with all kinds of celebrities, professional football players, Rocky Balboa...THE ROCKY BALBOA and the list goes on and on.


They have this cool thing where they give you a wooden nickel every time you order their special and once you have 5 wooden nickels you get a free special. How cool and actually do-able is that?! We ordered two specials which came with a 10" Philli cheesesteak, drink and fries and a side order of Pizza fries (AMAZINGLY CHEESY & delicious). The food and the people there are awesome, I'm sure Giray and I will definitely be going back, I mean we do have 3 wooden nickels to go right? haha.




The pizza fries don't look as if they were SUPER awesome BUT they were! All the cheesey goodness is below the tasty pizza sauce.


znCoX3e2MBQYEk9nXMZFI4AOrVHwvDGAD3fXgZk9MAfVmLuK6kKLmdMoHXhfzOIqxwWq7Rt6GTd7zm54TzobtSBcYfUlT9BI-gbz37Mb0cR5zvwtoFhKsQB-wpJm_J3WFFm-8v-SMnbIDwudB6k2io45TYwgPZ55CbQlzkfINBOcva8U36TOiYGBagGV5ABJ5mEba2RPWf0oiIMByopVG3PGmyj_This mural is on their side wall, I thought it was pretty cool....i love me a good mural :)

OH! I also wanted to let you guys know about these super cute sandals I recently purchased at Teysha located in Austin, TX. They're kinda pricey but all of their shoes are handcrafted, ethically made and are of great quality. A lot of the shoes & apparel they sell have tons of beautiful vibrant colors as they're inspiration comes from Latin America culture.


You can find my sandals...here


I love the color and style, you can pair these bad boys with almost anything!

So, if yous guys are looking to eat a darn good philly cheesesteak in San Antonio, you gotta try Youz Guys. I've left the link for their site here incase you'd like to see what their menu looks like. And if you'd like check out more of Teysha awesome stuff and their story click here. Nighty night folks!

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