Cool Local Cookie Shop

Cool Local Cookie Shop

While running errands out in the cool rainy weather today, Giray and I took a quick break to get some cookies from a local cookie shop, Lily's Cookies. With it being Election Day, they were selling cookies of Donald Trump and Hillary Clintons' faces and they smelled sooo good and looked amazing so I grabbed a couple of Hillarys' (obviously) to-go, lol. unnamed-2.jpg

Aren't they super cute?! Also, i'm totally blending in with the wall behind me, lol, like it's almost the exact color of my sweater.


The cookies were scrumptious and buttery and super not good for you but who cares, they're worth it...every last crumb.


Before we headed back home we thought, well, we have cookies...maybe we should go get coffee or tea somewhere.We had been wanting to check out this coffee shop called White Elephant Coffee Company which we had been told has the best tea and coffee (i feel like everyone thinks they have THE BEST tea or coffee, lol) in San we did.

Their building is a beautiful small spot painted a powder blue that's just the perfect place for a photo. I'll take a minute to give a very special thanks to my awesome photographer, Giray, love you!


We ordered a mint herbal tea since my allergies decided to kick in this morning. I can't say it was OMG AMAZING because i'd be lying but good, yes. Good tea.


Also! Hopefully everyone went out and exercised their right to vote. Big night tonight guys!


[Hat is no longer available but similar one here, sweater here, similar pants here and shoes here]



Mila Coffee

Mila Coffee

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