A bus ride to Fethiye, Turkey

A bus ride to Fethiye, Turkey

It's summer and it's hot, so we decided to head to a few beaches here in Turkey. Before heading to the actual beach we thought it'd be nice to stop in Fethiye (25 minutes from the beach) to explore the city. We packed a few things...maybe more than a few things (i'm still learning how to pack, it's unreal how quickly clothes adds up in your suitcase) and took a bus to Fethiye. The bus ride was long, 8 hours long and not the most comfortable. You know, bus rides are never the most comfortable mode of transportation but this bus ride felt like the longest 8 hrs of my life! We tried to save a bit of cash by taking the bus which at the end of the day was worth it because the scenery was amazing. We drove by mountains, rivers and finally the sea. Fethiye is a very small town bustling with tourists from all over the world. There is a big bay, a large fish market and a souk (market) where you can find spices, souvenirs, sunnies and excellent quality knock-off handbags and shoes. I was so tempted to purchase an "Hermes" leather handbag but had to remind myself no matter the quality, it's still a knock-off and $300! Yes, $300 for an imitation Hermes handbag. I suppose when the real thing is over $1,000, $300 doesn't seem so bad. haha.

Since Fethiye isn't very big, you can really explore all of it in about 2 days, which is how long we stayed there. Below are a few pics during our brief stop there.






(below): Our first day we went to this small place by the bay called Iksirci where we were told they serve THE BEST Tost in town. A tost is like a toasted & flattened panini with cheese and sucuk (a spicy sausage/pepperoni). We ordered 1 each with a freshly squeezed melon & orange juice (SO GOOOOOD). Once we finished our first order of Tosts we ordered another and another, lol. I had 2 and Giray had 3 but whose counting right? lol.


(below): Here are a few pics from the souk, where they sell spices, dried fruits, nuts and all kinds of other souvenirs.




(below): Here is where the magic happens, haha. The fish market here is not like any other ordinary fish market. What makes this particular one stand out from all the others is well, for one everything is as fresh as can be and two, you pick your fish/octopus/squid/ etc. and then you take it to one of the restaurants surrounding the fish market. How cool is that?!


(below): This is the restaurant we chose to have our fish cooked, Recep's Place. The restaurants cook the food as you'd like and they offer you sides to choose from along with drinks.














(below): We had some Raki which is the liquor Turkish people drink and a few glasses of wine. Everything was delish!


(below): There were cute kitties everywhere!


(below): You guys the fresh juices here are insanely good, we got hooked! This time we ordered a freshly squeezed kiwi juice, which I must say was my absolute favorite. How did I never think to make fresh kiwi juice?!


Our trip to Fethiye was short and sweet and am glad we did it. Now, on to the beach! You can follow more on our adventures if you'd like on Instagram: TheSpottedBannana & on Twitter: SpottedBannana


Our trip to Oludeniz beach in photos

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Merhaba, Istanbul!

Merhaba, Istanbul!