Merhaba, Istanbul!

Merhaba, Istanbul!

Update! As I mentioned in my previous post, Giray and I both quit our jobs and thought it'd be a good idea to travel for a bit before jumping into a new job. So, we decided to go to Turkey. It may sound super random but Giray is actually from Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey. Our first stop was Istanbul. We were there for 2 days visiting Giray's sister, then decided to move on to Ankara to visit my mother in-law and a few of Giray's friends. I have to tell you guys that Istanbul is truly an amazing city. There's always something to do because people literally do NOT sleep here or at least it seems that way.

Istanbul is so full life, color, passion and the nicest people. Here are a few pics of our time in the city.

unnamed-5.jpg(above) This here is beautiful Istanbul with the famous Galata Tower overlooking it all. This tower is approximately over 700 years old which is insane being that it's still in tact and visitors are allowed to climb it to the very top.

unnamed-8.jpg(above) This is one of the many mosques found in the city near the Galata Bridge right on the Bosphorus Sea.

unnamed-4.jpg(above) Here we are at Taksim Square.

unnamed-5.jpg(above) This is also at Taksim Square. There's always so much going on here, different street musicians, artists, restaurants, bars and clubs. I mean you name it, it's here. This band in particular was super cool because it had so many different instruments and a different vibe. Loved them!

In the short time we spent in Istanbul we were able to visit one of my favorite parts of the city, Karakoy. What makes this part of the city so special is the art. There's street art everywhere and all different kinds of it too. I didn't get the chance to take too many pictures of the area but I'll be back and be sure to take more to share later.

unnamed-1.jpg(above) Can you believe this guys?! The whole little "borough" is like this. It's filled with tons of cool cafes, shops and neat places to grab a bite and drink.



Another cool place we got to visit was the Museum of Modern Art. This place had such cool art, I think we must've spent 3 hours there. Here are a few pics of our museum visit.

unnamed-7.jpg(above) The museum is right on the Bosphorus Sea so throughout the different areas there are benches you can sit and look out at the beautiful sea. Isn't this amazing?!

unnamed.jpg(above) Next to this cute exhibit there was a speaker playing the sounds of the ocean and sea gulls. It was fantastic.


unnamed-3.jpg(above) Hanging kitaps, which means books in Turkish.

unnamed-4.jpg(above) This was my favorite of all. I love the colors and really just everything about this. If only I could afford such art! Lol, perhaps one day :D !

Well, this is all for now. Istanbul, it was a pleasure as always! For those interested in following along on our adventure you can follow me on Snapchat: AbbyCota

Gule Gule! (Goodbye in Turkish)


A bus ride to Fethiye, Turkey

A bus ride to Fethiye, Turkey

Adios Corporate World

Adios Corporate World