Moroccan Nights

Moroccan Nights

After much walking  in the heat and exploring what felt like every nook and cranny in Marrakech, we decided we had earned a fancy meal and belly dancers,  lol. We had heard about this amazing restaurant in Marrakech, Comptoir Darna, that is a celeb go-to, had the best belly dancers and food, so we made reservations, got dolled up and went out for the night. You guys, this place made me feel like I was at the most exclusive restaurant, it was VERY nice. There's people to open the doors of your car when you arrive, 2 guards, 1 hostess to greet you and another to walk you into the restaurant. NUTS! The minute you walk past the hostess you know you're somewhere special. The colors, flowing curtains in night's breeze, the architecture...I mean it's all crazy beautiful and  mind you, this is just the hallway to the restaurant.

Once inside, the music and lighting and candles throughout really set the mood for a beautiful romantic evening.

So this was the entrance but the picture does not do this place justice, at all!


[wpvideo wxgrCezG]


So we ordered salads (which were delicious) and this is how they were served, on a tree like thing...pretty cool.


Here's one tiny salad up close. This one was a beet based salad with a bunch of other spices and veggies. Yum!


I don't know how I missed a photo of our main course, lol. The only excuse I can think of was that we were starving and didn't care for photos at that moment. BUT below is a pic of our dessert which was super good! The cookie was stuffed with some sort of warm caramel that was amazing. It was served with a side of chocolate mouse and caramel ice cream. SO GOOD!




Omg! So as we were enjoying our dessert Belly dancers and these women belly dancing too while balancing a tray of candles on their heads ascended from the stairs! There were rose petals being thrown from ceiling onto the dancers... it was really spectacular.

[wpvideo JhATOrFA]

[wpvideo HS0jTjhJ]

[wpvideo CPLprmRe]




Then of course they came to the table and I OBVIOUSLY had to dance with them WITH the tray of candles on my head. lol. Such fun and wonderful memories.


[wpvideo Ip73PqGU]

After my dancing was over we went to the bar upstairs, had a few drinks and watched a couple more belly dancers do their thing.

Once that was all done, we called our cab driver to pick us up and drive us around a bit to see what else Marrakech had to offer at the wee hours of the night. Sure enough we came across this really cool bar where they were playing awesome music. So, naturally we asked our driver to drop us off and come back in and hour or two so we could dance and have a drink or two too.


[wpvideo E4RMimc4]

[wpvideo S8K6VIQ0]



Goodnight & thanks for following along! Cheers to many more days like these!



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