Welcome to The Spotted Bannana! My name is Abby and I created this small space to share my travel adventures and everything else life has for me in between.

Likes (in no particular order):

  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Cats 
  • Chamoyadas (link here, incase you’re wondering what that is)
  • Soup (any kind — I can literally have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Art (all kinds)
  • Concerts (all day, every day)

My secret talent is that I have no secret talent BUT I can speak Spanish (native language), a little Turkish (thanks to my wonderful Turkish husband and mother in-law) and a bit of Italian.

The scariest thing i’ve done would have to be when Giray and I swam with whale sharks in Mexico in the middle of the massive deep blue ocean.

For questions, comments, suggestions or if you just wanna chat, feel free to email me at TheSpottedBannana@gmail.com. Thanks for following along guys!